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Accord X conversion to metric system

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I am seriously thinking about buying an Accord X from the USA. Im EU citizen

Does anyone know if it is possible to change miles to km and degrees to Celsius etc?
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Yes, you should be able to change MPH - KPH.. Hit the "Home" button on steering wheel to open up the Driver Information Interface, scroll to Tachometer, then press and hold selector wheel to change units (see attachment). Not sure if that will impact temp readings and couldn't find anything in manual that says specifically how to change it.


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The speedometer (on the right) is analog, so you cannot change that. You can only add a digital km/h to the display. It also changes the mileage to km, but does NOT change the temperature.
You might buy an Accord in Canada as they are all metric (km/h on speedometer, kilometers default mileage and Centigrade for temp.

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you can also change speedometer to km/h, it is available from our UA friends, they are still operating. Шкалы Honda Accord 10 classic km/h
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