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Hi to everyone!
Some of us have the Accord 10th gen in EU and have it a bit harder to deal with mods for EU, spare parts and upgrade purchase... (e.g. km/h, Celsius... mods)
I am creating this post so we can share info thus help each other.

Yesterday we had unofficial meet-up with feldsam in Bratislava and there the idea of this post popped up.

feldsam is a great guy and he already created few great posts (they are regularly updated):
[Solved and working] Apple CarPlay Wireless on 2018 EX-L
Original driver side convex mirror replacement for Europe driving
How to change fahrenheit to celsius and vice-versa on climate control

Handle for the trunk (it fits/installed many times):
Honda part number - 84635-SEA-003ZF

Spare parts:
Oil filter - it is the same as for Accord CU1 (EU 2008 to 2015); Purflux LS350 or MANN-FILTER W 610/6
Cabin filter (it is the same as for Accord CU1 (EU 2008 to 2015):
-- CUK 2358 – is with charcoal
-- CU 2358 - cheaper version without charcoal
-- FP 2358 - biofunctional pollen filte (upgraded charcoal)

Hybrid air filter - the part number is 17220-5K0-A00. If you go to https://www.autodoc.de/ and search for it you will get a lot of results where you can select what fits you best.

In general or original Honda parts can be bought by every Honda dealer if you have the VIN or even better is part number.

Also interesting it would be to know how many of us are from EU and if a meet-up would be an idea.

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For the import to EU - in general all EU countries obide by the same law/rules UN-ECE. However for the imports there are different exceptions by different countries.
In general there are lots of info online for what needs to be done on cars to import them.

In Slovenia (to what I have figured out) it is one of the worst country to import car from US as all the rules are followed to the point while in other countries there can exceptions (e.g. front light straight beam can be kept).
The mods on Accord X needed are:
  • rear fog light with switch and the indicator light if turned on (switch with a light) at the driver area. The switch also needs the picture that it is for the rear fog light - you can buy a switch on e.g. aliexpress
  • turn signals on the side of the car (not all trims have it) - turn signals on the side mirrors
  • front light adjustment (to not have fully straight beam but the right side has it higher) - luckily the lights can be adjusted to correct level for the measuring equipment to detect correct light beam. Most countries have an exception for this

If needed I do know a guy in Munich that arranges all the needed things for different countries with needed TUEV/GTUE/DEKRA papers (I can give contact PM me if needed).
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