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Now that Acura has 10speed & RDX also 10 Speed , I was Looking into Trans Fluid ./. Comparisons

I didn't see a Discussion about this , Possible on one of the Other Forums . .

I did Find a Label on back of Aura Transmission ATF 2.0 Bottle that says use it in Transmissions that have the
Picture of ( ATF 2.0 Label ) on Trans .

Ebay - also has Comparability Tools ? - which does say OK ( Not Trusting that ) 4 2018 Accord Touring 2.0 Turbo ./.

Anyone have any Other Input on this Topic 5 qts for Honda =$105
Aura - ATF Type 2.0 - 5Qts = $76

Bob Oil Guy - site - seems to be 3 years Behind in Info ..

I did Find Honda Oil Filter on Honda Parts Site for Less then the College Site , but with All these High Mileage Accords
Not One Transmission Changing ~ Oil & Filter ~ ?_?
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@EngTech1 congrats for your research and thanks for sharing it with us. It's a matter that I'm interested in as well.

As far as I saw, this seller has couple of listings and although for some of them he's using Acura pictures, in the item description it's written that it's for Honda:

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Unfortunately this one is out of stock yet.
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Since nearly two weeks "partscontainer" is OOS for all of its ATF Type 2.0 listings.
I guess it's normal - huge store with 350k listings. With some delay, they always replied to all of my messages.

But I guess it's not the case now. As the 5pcs bundle was declared as OOS I asked if they can repack some ot their other listings with "10 available" - like 2pcs, 3pcs, 10pcs and even 11pcs in order to relist the 5pcs one again. They replied that they are totally OOS for this type of oil, the other listings are valid no more and they should withdraw them from ebay. Just checked - they've done it indeed.
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