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Advice - 2022 Accord EX-L vs Civic 2022 Sport Touring hatchback

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[Cross posting from another accord forum]
I'm in the market to buy a car and while it seems to be the worst time to buy a car, I am in need of one. I'm in my mid-twenties and single. I am mainly looking to decide between the 2022 Accord EX-L and 2022 Civic Touring/Sport Touring.

I have the option to get either of them at MSRP. So Civic at its highest (Sport Touring) would be around 31K USD and Accord EX-L would be coming to around 34K USD both pre-taxes.

I test drove the Accord in its Sport 2.0 and 1.5 variants as well as the Civic 2022 sport touring hatchback. I liked both of well enough. Here's my thoughts:
  • Accord felt it cocoons you a little better, has better interior space in the back, overall felt a little more planted and heftier.
  • Civic on the other hand was more open feeling, airy, has a load of new tech (loved the fully digital instrument cluster), felt fresh on the interior design, had Bose audio system (to my ears Accord Sport 2.0 audio system wasn't bad either though I saw lots of people critical about it) and it handled more eagerly than the Accord. I didn't listen to the 10-speaker set up on the EX-L so I'm not sure of that compared to the Bose on Civic.
  • There was definitely a little higher road noise in the Civic compared to Accord accentuating that luxury feeling compared to civic.
  • Now I decided 2.0 is not worth it for me, as it would do poor on the gas in the cold pot hole ridden mid-west where I am at, so for me it is 1.5t whichever way I go.
  • Accord sport 1.5t lacked a lot of features such as heated seats, blind spot monitoring, moon roof and had a bad sound system as well, so if I'm doing Accord 1.5t I'm think EX-L is my only other option which includes all of them, also likely to handle the pot holes better here in the mid-west with them 17-inch wheels. (Accord sport SE doesn't have BSM)

I really like the Civic's interior and the Accord's luxury feel so I'm on the fence here. If accord had the civic interior improvements, I definitely would've gone with the Accord.
I'm also looking at the depreciation of both these trims in the future. Accord is in its last year of this gen and it is likely more mature in terms of fit and finish. Civic just came out with the redesign so this design is likely to stick for another 4-5 years. How would this situation affect the depreciation in 4-5 years from now assuming things go back to normal?
So is the extra 3K worth it going for the 2022 Accord EX-L? I'm also thinking if Honda releases an updated Accord with Civic level interior improvements in 2023, then I might even go for a trade in a couple of years down the line.
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With the EX-L Accord you'll get all those additional creature comforts that the 1.5 sport lacked. Really comes down to what you actually want to drive. I haven't been in the new civic but my wife had an 18 accord ex-l, I had a 17 civic si and now I have an 18 accord sport 2.0 and the accord has been exactly what I've wanted. I also have two little ones to haul around and the accord gives you a ton of room in the backseat. I'm partial to the fit and finish of the accord but that new civic interior looks really good. If I were you I'd probably lean civic because you don't necessarily need the extra passenger room. Save some cash now and trade up to the accord whenever they refresh it.
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