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Air Conditioning - Defrost/Air

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Hi just got my 2018 1.5T Accord LX and experiencing a problem where I cannot have the AC turned on to blow air on legs, torso, rear, and front windshield all at the same time.

My options are:
- Legs, Torso
- Legs, Torso, Rear
- Legs, Front, Rear
- Front, Rear

My biggest issue is I can't have legs, torso, and front defrost. If I have legs and torso on, and click the front defrost button ON it disables the legs and torso.

How can I turn on Legs, Torso, Front Defrost, and Rear Defrost all together? Anyone else have this issue?

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Old thread but I have such a problem and don't know how to solve it. Maybe someone here can help me?
Old thread but I have such a problem and don't know how to solve it. Maybe someone here can help me?
Just try to find a specialist that will help you. A friend of mine works at socool.sg and whenever I see my AC failing I turn to them because I am convinced that they actually hire good specialists in the field, with higher education. For this reason, I can recommend you with confidence and I know for sure that they will be able to solve any problem for you.
I'm not sure about OP's post about rear, that's it's own rear defrost button (uses wires in the rear window to defrost, not blowing air). The rear air vents just blow whatever is coming out of the main unit.

Not all cars have the ability to do all three (windshield, torso, legs) and I'm pretty sure the 10th gen Accord is one of those cars (my fiance's X5 does all three). You can have just windshield on, or windshield plus legs, I'm not sitting in my car right now so I don't think you can do windshield plus torso.
You can do:

- front defrost
- front defrost + floor/rear vents
- dash vents
- dash vents + floor/rear vents
- floor/rear vents
No, it's a problem from the factory, most likely. You need to go to the dealership as soon as possible and tell them about it. It's not normal for your air conditioner is not to function correctly. I didn't have such a problem, even though I have a 2017 model of this car. Still, I had problems with the compressor since I never refueled or cleaned my air conditioner. And so I had to turn to ac repair near me. Otherwise, I would have been driving in a car without air conditioning all summer. And in Texas, I'll tell you it's very hot in the summer, and if you don't have an air conditioner at home or in the car, then you'll just die from the heat.
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