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Air intake systems

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Does anyone know if any aftermarket manufacturers are even working on air intakes for the Accord sport 2.0T ? Would it make a big difference with the Hondata tunes or does the stock Intake flow well enough?
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Well I emailed about 4-6 aftermarket companies about any plans for intakes or other parts for the Accord 2.0T. We’ll see what they say.
Kind of what i was thinking too but figured id put a bug in their ears! Oh i dont care brand really... aem, Afe, k&n prefer a good plastic one over metal.
Got some emails back..... AEM and K&N said as of now there’s nothing in planning or production..... AFE said “Looks like we're planning on making parts for your vehicle but at the moment we haven't started development . Give us a couple weeks and we should have updates on our site with release dates.”
Maybe the more people that email these companies asking about these products they’ll step up with some plans for production etc. ???
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Sorry went away for a bit, wife had some medical issues. Saw your other post also! I did the same, offered my car for R and D, but never got any response!
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