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Air Suspension/Ride Height

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Anyone willing to share their ride height numbers? I'm still on the quest for the perfect ride height.
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Depends on what you prefer. When I was on stocks with air, I rode at 35. No rubbing or issues with bumps and rubbing. Car felt smooth and didn’t feel like it was on air unless it was hard bumps. I did increase dampening in the front by 5 and by 3 in the rear. this was so I wouldn’t rub on bumps in the road. Worked for me. When I get my wheels, I bumped up to 70 on all 4 corners. I set dampening back to stock to make it smoother. It’s bumpy now, but I’m worried about the wheels and “baconing” a fender with how close my wheels sit to the fender already. On the highway at 70psi the car feels fine. It’s just a bit more stiff. Hope this helps
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