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All Auto Manufactures Go Smallest Mpg Improvements , with Aero Effect on Mpg being Big Part :
I just read where it's Now Legal in Japan to have Side Camera Mirrors - I didn't Know it was Illegal . .

Anyhow I for 1 Think the Accords Side Mirror is a Bit to Large , same on Audi's , Newer BMW's etc.
Any Higher End Sport car will have smaller , tighter , Better Placed Side Mirrors - Out of the Wind Load . .

Many Cars now have the LCD Screen Dash or something similar , so the Connection to Camera Side Mirrors isn't to Far Off . .

I'd like to say there are Other Uses also : Mirror that see through or around Trailers and Over Lays 85% Reality View , but You still see You Trailer : First Pc .

Then there is No Back Seat Camera or C Pillars : Roof Mount .

Then there is - Dam Very Cool ( I'd Buy the Car for those Mirrors ) : Buy Two , well maybe 3 OK 4

Then there is the Retracting Camera Mirror as in NO Mirrors :

Anyone Remember When it was so Clean & Cool to have Custom Mirrors ?


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