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I had a thought and was curious if this would work or not as an interior glow system that includes oem looks and features?

The 10th gen accords have an OEM interior ambient light kit that looks pretty good, especially since it can be controlled by the dimmer and doors. The only down side being that it lacks the ability to change to different colors like some of these other LED strips available — but aren't as oem looking.

So would it be possible to combined both of these? Simply buy the OEM harnessing (so everything can remain hooked up to the dimmers), buy a mini remote controlled rgb light, and then cut the oem kit's bulb off to splice on the rgb bulb instead? Perhaps an inline fuse and few other things as well.

In theory could it be that easy to customize and make? I'd love to spice up the oem kit's current boring color somehow.

Here's the OEM Product:
And A Potential Bulb Product:
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