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Android Auto Wallpapers

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Just noticed that the long-promised AA wallpapers are active on my phones. The settings are within the "Settings" app in the head unit, not the AA settings in the phones themselves. In fact there is no indication within the individual phones that the new wallpapers even exist (at least I haven't found one).

There are 12 pretty nice choices, but no provision to set a custom image. Also the wallpaper chosen pertains to a particular phone and not the vehicle, even thought the settings are in the vehicle, and not in the phones. Odd? Yes!
Her's a quick snap of the result.

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Thanks for the info. Haven't been in my car in a few days... weather been crappy here (rain/snow/sleet/ice) so I've been in my other vehicle (SUV 4X4).
Thanks for the info ...
Better photo:
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Even better:


This is what (some) people do during Covid.
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