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Annoying rattle

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I have a 2018 Accord Hybrid Touring with a little over 10,000 miles on it. Over the last couple of months, a rattle has developed and it sounds like it's coming from the driver-side area underneath or behind the dash. I've read a number of posts citing an issue with the rubber strut cover, but I removed those and there wasn't any difference. The rattle sounds like very thin plastic fluttering in the wind and it only occurs once I approach highway speeds in excess of about 55 mph. Any idea where to look or if there's something common that I should troubleshoot? I'm hesitant to take it into the dealer without doing my homework, as I have no doubt that they won't be able to replicate the issue even though it occurs nearly every time I drive the car. I have a video of the rattle if it would assist anyone in diagnosing the issue. Thanks in advance!
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The only accessories are the mud flaps/guards, which were installed by the dealer prior to original delivery.
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