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we are a shop located in city of industry, southern california.
we are wondering if any owners live near the area and may be interested in coming over to get a set of window visors for free. a
ll we need is about 20 minutes for installation of the visors and do a quick photoshoot, and then you can have the visors for free or a discount toward other items that we carry.

please DM for detail if interested
thank you

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Not sure what the OP came up with (their post was back in July) but if you're interested in "function" more than "style" you may want to look at this thread - Window visor warning. Due to the way the windows operate (go down... more so w/the rear windows) the "function" of the visors leave something to be desired. I purchased the OEM ones prior to delivery and like the look (style) but seldom use them for their "functional" purpose/intention (especially if rain is in the forecast).
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