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Any Stage 2 Accord 2.0t Race Any Other Cars?

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I’m not out looking for trouble. My car is bone stock visually and I purposely didn’t change my catback so it sounds stock too. My current mods are (10 AT) :

PRL Front Pipe/ Downpipe
PRL Front Mount Intercooler
Hondata Stage 2

I get roasted by my friends and they have tuned 335i, e46 M3, a plethora of WRX and STIs that are stage 2 and fast, not quick, fast. A stage 2 apr A5 on etune.

what can I expect if I did a roll next to one of them lol - any experience out there?!
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I also have Michelin
I've gapped quite a few STI's and modded GTI's. I stay right next to Scat Pack Challegers and Chargers with ease on my set up. I'm on KTuner and Phearable Stage 3 93 + octane and FBO. Car pulls hard up to 150mph fairly easily so I would consider the 2.0T fast. Not 10 second fast but neither are the cars your going against.
can I expect similar results? Any special setting on your stage 3 tune? Also, did you ever install motor mounts or anything because mine are stock
Yes, I run top and bottom Hasport 62a mounts. I also run the PRL HVI. Phearable Stage 3 tune is a more HP than Hondata Stage 2 but requires quality 93+ octane, it’s a must and not optional.

I got rid of my Hondata and went KTuner. KTuner has more options and better HP and TQ gains. I’ve run Hondata on different platforms too but on the Accord the KTuner is just better.
Think I’ll be okay without the upgraded motor mounts? I am not worried about the extra power being put down as much as I am with reliability. I really don’t get into it as much as I should to justify all this spending lol
Gotcha well I should probably order some then lol
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