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Any Stage 2 Accord 2.0t Race Any Other Cars?

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I’m not out looking for trouble. My car is bone stock visually and I purposely didn’t change my catback so it sounds stock too. My current mods are (10 AT) :

PRL Front Pipe/ Downpipe
PRL Front Mount Intercooler
Hondata Stage 2

I get roasted by my friends and they have tuned 335i, e46 M3, a plethora of WRX and STIs that are stage 2 and fast, not quick, fast. A stage 2 apr A5 on etune.

what can I expect if I did a roll next to one of them lol - any experience out there?!
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People generally leave me alone in the Accord. A guy in a B7 S4 tried one day but there was too much traffic to really mess around. Diesel guys like to try every now and then. I've walked away from a couple coal rolling duramax. I did pull on a z32 300zxTT which surprised me a little because it sure didn't look or sound stock. The only thing I've got is the Ktuner stage 2 on mine. And mines a manual so its not as quick as that 10speed.
can I expect similar results? Any special setting on your stage 3 tune? Also, did you ever install motor mounts or anything because mine are stock
I don't personally have the stage 3 tune but just check out the specs on phearable.net and you'll see its a whole different animal. Stage 2 on the 2.0t is no slouch though. You'll surprise a lot of people with just that. Also, just realized you're on hondata. The ktuner tune is similar from everything i've ever read or seen but that phearable tune is only available to ktuner
I should have said "In general" instead of "All else being equal"... :) And I agree, not bad for a family sedan at all! It wouldn't surprise me if just an intake, stage 2, and DP puts it solidly into the 12's... Two reasons why I haven't gotten Flex Fuel - 1. I'm already having trouble with traction upon acceleration (even after getting wider/stickier tires) and 2. concerns about fuel line deterioration.
Hopefully PRL manages to find a hose compound that works in the research they're doing now. There's gotta be something out there that will hold up.
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