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Anyone else have fitment issues with prl Hvi v2?

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I snagged one of these from their Halloween sale. I just installed tonight and noticed the big gaps for the air box. It’s not air tight even though they give the rubber seal. Whoever made this batch screwed up. See pics

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Forgot to add air box is also rubbing on ecu. I contacted prl and here is their response below. It’s a shame spending all that money , and it has fitment issues.

“I just had some of the other sopport staff take a look at this, and everything with the fitment looks sound. If you look at the picture on the product listing, the airbox has the same fitment. Since these engine bays are rather small, it is a bit of a tight fit, but this won't cause any issues and if it ever would, it would be covered under warranty. I confirmed with the engineers as well that there won't be any air leaks from this either, this is how the intake was designed.”
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