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Anyone familiar with Wellvisor.....

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Found these that look pretty similar to the OEM ones half the price. Anyone used their products before?

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Not familiar w/that particular brand but if you are getting them for function more than looks you might be disappointed. The way our windows go down and these (and OEM) visors are designed they only allow a little of the windows to go down and protect water (rain) from getting in the car. Before you purchase you may want to look at how the windows go down and how much protection you will get from these visors if your intent is to have them cracked w/the possibility of rain.
We actually had this conversation already when I was looking to purchase them for my white car( but mods probably see so many posts they tend to blend together). The in channel ones don't fit on our cars for some reason. I think it may have to do with the angles, but probably why weathertech doesn't make them for our vehicles. I tried two sets of the and they just fall out. I like them more for the sun blocking properties they have. They do go down a little bit without getting rain inside, but I'm not using them because I smoke or anything, so the tiny bit of fresh air they let in is fine. Plus with my blue car I have a moonroof now so yay!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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