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Whether it's Key Button , or the Door Push Button there's a little Time Lag , but that doesn't get Me .
What Gets Me is all these Modern Buttons , Smart Keys and Hands on Doors Functions etc. ~ I'm still Pushing a Button and the Trunk ONLY "Pops" ? ~ It Doesn't Open ~

1 Hand to Push Button or find Key and Push Button - still have to use other Hand to OPEN Trunk the Pop is Equal to like ~ Ajar

2. Loading items into Trunk , What were they Thinking ?
How may Honda save $11.57 cents on Seats the Flop down when You - Pull the Release vs Climbing into Trunk or making Tracks to side of Car and Back to Trunk ( Back & Forth ) BS is for the Birds
Especially when You look at the Over All Design ( Sport Back ) Sedan is Usability ~ so ~ this Area takes Double Hit - do to Fact - NO Pass through Rear Seat - it's like Honda went back 10 yrs. or Didn't Catch Up ?

Hope 2020 is Better in these Area's and R Model would be Cool
Offering More Options for the LX - Navi like Cooled Seats , Cooled Cup Holder ..

ps: To Me Cars are Suppose to be More then just Pretty , Have to Function in Our Daily Lives ~
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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