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My apple CarPlay is buzzing only when I am on the phone. Happens every 4 to 10 seconds and the buzzing overlaps the person I am talking to and I can’t hear them and the buzzing freezes then stops then repeats itself and also I feel like their is a massive delay as well. I will say something and the other person won’t say anything until a good 10 seconds later. Then they will ask if I am their still and I will say yes 4 times before they actually hear anything. I have to use speaker on phone to finish call when this happens.
I have an apple 6s, Spoke to Honda technology, they had me remove and reinstall phone, did not help. Any ideas on the issue? Using Apple cable, latest OIS. Have not done full reset.
2019 Accord EX, purchased car three weeks ago.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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