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Apple vs Android & the Accord

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OK, I am not looking to start the age-old debate over which phone is better as a phone.

I am looking to see which phone platform works with our factory systems better. I have an issue with my Pixel 4 forgetting my car (2019 Sport) often with Bluetooth, causing me to have to resync the phone before drives. The last Android Auto Update seemed to have helped a bit, but still glitches every once and a while.

Looking into an Iphone, and wondering if how the phone syncs with the car. I wouldn't consider if it didn't run Waze (it does run waze.....right?)

Feed back from anyone with a Pixel 5, Iphone 11 (or 12), 1+ 8, or Galaxy Note is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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2.0T EXL
Just got an iPh12. I find the CarPlay integration to
be just flawless!
But I've Kept my LG G8 ThinQ for 2 Main Reasons.

A> Turn-by-Turn Navigation on the Tachometer Gauge is activated ONLY by Android Auto!
B> The iPhone does not connect w' the Ktuner Bluetooth App.

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