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Honda online parts catalogs leave a lot to be desired. I have found a set of 17x7.5 wheels (45 mm offset) that came standard on the 2018 EX/EX-L (part #42800-TVA-AA2). I have attached a pic of the one I'm talking about. When I try to lookup that part # on the online parts lookup, they say that these wheels are not compatible with the 2.0T Touring. I assume it's because they are not standard or optional on the Touring (which only comes with 19s). Is there something I'm missing here? I called TireRack who recommended the 17x7.5 wheel with a 45 mm offset, but didn't find anything on their website that I liked - thus why I starting Google searching for an OEM Honda rim.

EX owners, are the center caps on your 17" wheels silver or charcoal in color? Are the lug nuts listed for these wheels (part #90304-SA5-013) different than other alloy wheels, or are they the same as what's used on the 19s on the Touring?

Thanks for your help!


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