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Aspiring owner questions

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Sad day in the Honda world for me. I was planning to get a manual accord soon but with the news of the manual being ditched by Honda for the refreshed 2021 model due to poor sales, this raises a few questions for me. I'm not interested into purchasing a marked up (or not) used one.

1. How much power can the 10 speed auto handle, if anyone has experience with extensively tuning the 2.0 auto. I've seen videos and posts of people running an intake, cl downpipe, flex fuel kit, bigger type r turbo and tunes from ktuner and hondata pushing 400whp. Would the 10 speed auto be able to handle that? The manual wasn't either but you could upgrade the clutch for it. Is there any readily available parts that enable reinforcing any part of the at trans? Or can I handle it stock?

2. I haven't seen anyone ever talk about a manual swap. For example swapping the manual into the 2.0 touring to get a fully loaded stick shift, no compromise car. After all, the platform is designed with a manual in mind too. Apart from installing a clutch pedal, fitting the trans at the back of the engine and swapping the drive shaft which might be possible (spoke to a few good mechanics), I wonder how much you would need to fiddle with the electronics such as the ecu.

If the 10 speed can't handle all the power and can't be upgraded and if a swap is nearly impossible I'm probably just gonna go to a is350, but it's worth asking, maybe some accord wizard would know.
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Anything is possible w/enough time & money. 😁 Regarding the reliability/dependability of of tuning a Gen X Accord to make high HP/TQ I think the best to answer those questions would be Hondata and/or KTuner. I'm sure during their upgrades/testing/tuning they would have noticed or been aware of weak/vulnerable spots. As @jninja mentioned I'm sure those weak/vulnerable spots will/would be addressed by the aftermarket.

I know you said you didn't want a used MT Accord. However if you goal is to build a high HP/TQ car you are going to be going thru the motor/drivetrain to build it anyway. With that said you are going to end up with new internals and probably spend less time/money than converting an AT to MT.
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