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I want to change the gearbox oil of my Accord 2.0T. For one or other reason I can't find in Europe (excl. Russia and Ukraine..) Genuine Honda ATF Type 2.0 transmission oil. The local dealer can not deliver it too. Most of the dealers' sites in North America have it on their sites as "out of stock".

I found a seller on ebay who sells Acura ATF Type 2.0. In the item description is written that it's eligible for Accord X 2.0T. On PM the seller assured me that it's the same oil as the Honda branded one.

However, as eventual mistake could cost me too much (broken gearbox perhaps) could you guys confirm if you know whether Acura and Honda ATF Type 2.0 are identical? Have some of you bought the Acura one for his Accord?
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