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Auto highbeams on LX?

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According to spec's at Honda.com my '18 LX is supposed to have auto highbeams feature. At startup, the "A" shows briefly on the display. When I hold the headlight lever toward me for around 30 sec, the "A" flashes once, but never stays on. I'm guessing this feature is not active on LX models. Any comments? Thanks.
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It works fine on my LX when the headlight switch is left in the 'Auto' position. Holding the lever for 30 secs is supposed to toggle it on/off but I've never changed it from the default 'on'. Hope this helps.
Thanks for reply Kouri. My LX does indeed have auto highbeam. Was not enabled by default, but I got it to work.
This is from pg199 of the owners manual. Two blinks OFF - one blink ON with AUTO position when parked. Guess they don't want us to do this while driving. ---

Disabling or re-enabling the system when the
vehicle is parked with the power mode is in
ON and the light switch is in the AUTO

Disabling the system: Pull the light switch
lever towards you and hold it for 40 seconds.
The indicator blinks twice.

Re-enabling the system: Pull the light
switch lever towards you and hold it for 30
seconds. The indicator blinks once.
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