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I just re-read your post and saw you didn't want advice on brakes etc, but I'm going to leave my originally write up below.

I don't think you can fully defeat stability control on the Accord (or you have to do some weird series of car on, push brake pedal two times, push TC button twice, bla bla bla). But Car and Driver didn't mention anything about the safety systems causing issues for their Lightning Lap. You can turn off all the safety features (lane keep assist, automatic collision warning) so that shouldn't give you an issue.

I haven't tracked mine. The only thing that comes to my mind is when Car and Driver ran an 18 Sport 2.0T manual in their 2018 Lightning Lap a couple of years ago (3:18.4 at VIR if anyone cares, which per the article was 1.3 seconds quicker than a 2017 BRZ). They had to up the brake fluid to one that could handle the breaking and the break pads needed to be replaced. So if you're going to track it, maybe invest some money into some brakes that can handle the extra loads.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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