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Bad wheel bearing, bad brakes on 2019 2.0 sport

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I've got 31000 miles on a 2.0 sport, 2019 and began hearing a humming noise on the road. In addition, I also began hearing a dull roaring noise on braking.

Dealer said I had a bad right wheel bearing, and rotors were worn. The bearing is under warranty, the brakes, he maintained, were not.

Anyone else had a similar issue? Was the bad bearing a factor in the worn brakes?

This is way too early for this kind of crap. This is my 4th Accord, and I've never encountered this kind of thing before.

Ultimately, the dealer agreed to eat the cost of the brake repair, though the rotors were just turned, not replaced.

Thanks for any info.
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Fairly new model vehicle... Quirks and other issues are realistically to be expected🤷🏾‍♂️ The warranty worked as intended, which is a blessing.

Side note - Bought a 2005 GMC SIERRA Crewcab brand new back in 04. Brake booster was bad, warranty covered it, I had the vehicle for 15 years without any other brake booster related issues 170+ thousand miles before I sold it.
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