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My 2018 Accord Hybrid's 12 volt battery flat out "QUIT", just about a month ago... the car was still under the original factory warranty... (only about 2 months left). I haven't driven it much during the pandemic. I called AAA and got them to come by and jump, or tow... what ever it needed. They tested the battery and said it had about 10% or less, but jumping did not help, so they took the car to the dealer. When I got to the dealer they had tested my battery and said it was stone dead... also that it would be about the time that it would be beginning to go bad due to age. I was surprised that it "went" so soon, batteries I had in the past would sort of "slow down" and I knew that I would need to replace it soon. NOT this time... I think that because it's a hybrid the battery does not show it's demise as easily. So the dealer replaced the battery under warranty and I was happy. I am thinking that those of us with HYBRID's should be VERY aware of the "time line" on our 12 volt batteries, and be pro active in replacing them, otherwise we will be stranded someplace and not understand why. Apparently the car does not give us any indication of possible impending 12 volt failure before it happens.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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