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I just had BC coilovers installed on my car, but I need to adjust the dampening on the rears. I know I can access the dampening controls super easy on the front... but is there a way to access the rears from inside the car? I would like to avoid taking the wheels off just to get to the dampening controls. I have seen on some other cars, that the rear can be accessed without removing the wheels, but wasn't sure if this was possible with our cars. Main problem is it's just super stiff, no rebound at all. Pretty sure the installer just left them at the stiffest setting and I didn't notice until I got home. I'm guessing worst case scenario I'll have to drive back to the shop and have them adjust, as I don't have a place I can work on my car (apartment living).

Thanks in advance. I did use the search function and saw nothing regarding this question.
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