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Best Manual Mods (Acuity parts)

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I installed the Acuity Shifter Rocker and Acuity Centering Spring first and have used them for about a year now. It is the best mod you can get for driving experience and faster, smoother shifts. This is how the car should have came stock. I used it with JDM weighted shift knob it was perfect. Couple months ago I installed Acuity Short Shift Adapter it was good mod but the shifting became a little hard especially for daily driving. I changed out the JDM shift knob for the stock one it works great now. Fast, Crisp and Smooth shifts. I would say the Shifter Rocker, Centering Spring with weighted shift knob would be the best setup. Probably will do the shifter bushings and cable bushings sometime soon
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I agree as well, still running with my short shifter on, but I think that's the weak link to the entire setup. The shift link bushings were really nice upgrades as well.
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