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Best way to defeat bass roll off?

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I have a 19 accord sport with the 8 speaker system. I have just bought a 12in. Morel Ultimo Sc sub with a 1.2 sealed box. And for the amp I will be using a SMD E750.1.

I want to buy a line converter that can help fix the eq and bass roll off of this system.
I'm looking between a kicker keylok or a lc2i pro. But I have been reading that the lc2i has a PFM roll's-off the low end at 33Hz. The sub and amp should be able reproduce down to 20hz. So I have been reading people are swaping to the kicker for this reason.

The other loc is wavetech linkdq. But that one does not really fix bass roll off actively I think.

At a future time I will do a full system and plan to use a jl audio fix and helix dsp.
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So i ordered a Kicker Keyloc will be giving that a try. Once I'm ready to upgrade the rest of the system i will be switching to a helix dsp.

If you haven't gotten into the hidden menu, it helps.
I already did this the first day I bought it. Thanks.

HELIX DSP is all you need. And make sure you pull signal from the front doors. I set my gains on my amps at volume 30 that's about where it starts rolling off.
So when you set volume at 30 that's the highest you turn it up too. I heard that if I set the volume at 30 I can but the helix conductor knob and control system volume with that. But I hate having to have a separate volume knob.
sojeda1986 were you able to install the kicker keyloc? and were you happy with the results? running into a similar issue and have one on the way.
Yeah I have it installed. Just make sure to tap in the the front door speakers since they are full range, the back speakers are not really full range so bass will be lacking.

I have a smd dd1 tester and tested the max clean volume. My head set is clean up to 38. But the roll off is around 30 so when I calibrate it the volume I set it at was 30. And I don't really go over that volume when I'm listing to music anyway.

I'm please on how my car now sounds. Running a 12 inch Morel Ultimo Ti with a D'Amore Engineering E750.1 amp. I would not recommend this amp of you want to listen to fm radio, radio gets lost of static on weak stations, But sound clean when using android auto or xm radio.
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