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Big Brake Kit Rear Intall - BRAKE light and Brake System dash light on after rear kit install

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Hi all,
I bought a TEI Racing BBK, it comes with a front and rear setup that bolts to factory positions. Rear kit has motors for the electronic parking brake and plugs right into the factory wiring. Bled brake system with new fluid (Redline RL-400 DOT 4 street/track) and master cylinder is filled to MAX line. Upon startup I get a Brake System Problem Warning on my dash, with the Brake System yellow light solid on, and my BRAKE light blinking red (indicating something with the electronic parking brake - and my infotainment dash on the left come up with 3 errors that my electronic parking brake has an issue, however I know the system works as they power on and off just fine (Can't spin rotors with it on and can with it off), and the brakes are bled and work just fine. Anyone seen this? Can I somehow reset the parking brake system by a button/pedal dance? Possibly a current draw difference for the new motors (albeit its not blowing a fuse). Can I just pull the fuse and plug it back in to reset?

Rear kits that work with the OEM electronic parking brake is relatively new to platform.
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