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hi guys! here is my daily build thread. i bought MY19 A10 2.0T in sept 2019 after my kids kept complaining to me about how MY10 GE8 was too small and they couldn't feel the AC :rolleyes:
i am quite lucky to have accumulated a majority of the parts in late 2019 and the rest (exhaust and turbo blanket) prior to the current pandemic/quarantine.

i'll post about previous builds in the threads below. i am a honda guy but this is my first accord. i was sold on the K20C1 after autox'n MY18 FK8 for last two seasons. my kids are loving the new daily and so am i!

alignment: -0.6 front camber, -1.8 rear camber and 0 toe square, max front caster (although not going to autox but i do want to drag race it)
cooling: prl intercooler
engine: hasport 62a upper mount, mishimoto catch can
exhaust: prl dp & fp (ceramic coated, titanium color) with dc sports exhaust
ice/interior: mugen push start/stop button, proclip mount, topgo phone mount
intake: prl hvi
management: ktuner v2, phearable stage 3
suspension: hardrace 32mm FSB/ 22 mm RSB (thank you to velocityshop/hardrace for allowing me to test and keep these)
turbo: ptp FK8 blanket
wheels/tires: advan gt 18x10+40 with 255/45 firehawk indy 500

future mods: ceramic and mount advan gts, hasport mounts (debating on rmm), tune by unko arby

thank yous: wife, kids, velocityshop, hardrace, eric, art, frank, arby and trav

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MY19 photos/mods below:

welcome home (sept 2019)

first mod due to di turbo ;), 2nd was ceramic tint including windshield due to hawaii sun. 3rd was paint correction & ceramic coating, 4th was FK8 engine cover :LOL:

ktuner install with pro clip and amps dual t adapter plate



prl dp/fp/hvi/ic (thanks velocityshop for the ceramic coating) with dc sports exhaust, ptp blanket & front/rear sway bars (no pics smh)


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more MY19 photos:

advan gts with firehawk indys, yay no stretch tire!


4/9/20 mugen push start/stop

4/11/20 after some datalogs, will be adjusting rich condition at wot

after a year on the stage 2 map, i decided to pull the trigger on the phearable stage 3 and what a difference... will be doing some data logs soon.

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if any of you guys are interested in the hardrace sway bars lmk. i can get you in touch with my friend at velocityshop.
👋 Nice to see a name I recognize from S2KI. (Always been a fan of your ASM build.)

Out of curiosity, what sizes were the FSB/RSB you got from Hardrace?

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thank you appreciate the s2ki love! FSB is 32mm and RSB is 22mm.
Well, it's good to know there's a good FSB option for the Accord now. I was looking for a good FSB/RSB combo, since I'm getting ready to do a Type R LSD swap and will have to drop the front subframe anyway, but ended up going with the Progress 22.2mm RSB. I looked at Cusco with their Type R FSB & RSB, and they said they were waiting to verify fitment on the Accord, but their FSB has the extra kink in the center for the Type R, and it didn't look like it was going to clear the steering rack on the Accord.
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