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Bought 2018 Accord last July

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Bought 2018 Accord and do not like passenger head rest pushing my chin to my chest bum only 5’7” but my height is in my top half so I sit taller. No way when I’m a passenger to actually sit against the seat. To top it off, I have a long neck. This is only a problem when I am a passenger. When I am driver, I sit practically ramrod straight but I do use lumbar support. Horrible ride to the seashore as passenger. Wondering if there is a good neck pillow that would help? I understand about whiplash protection but this one height fits all is for short drivers apparently. Suggestions?
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Welcome to the forum.... I take it you've tried adjusting the head restraint up/down? Haven't spent much time in the passenger seat so don't have any other suggestions... also I'm 6'2" so there is a difference in height too.
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