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Bubble in Chrome

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I was washing my Accord (2018 1.5 6-Speed Sport 7k miles) and noticed that a bubble has now appeared on the chrome right in front of the hood. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm going to take it back to the dealer and see if they will replace it. Has anyone had to deal with Honda on a defect like this?


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Just noticed mine had a bubble as well and is bubbling along the edge in another place. 67xx miles
Yes, I have a picture of my front passenger door handle with damaged chrome. The dealer wanted me to believe that the sun passed through the windows in such a way that it heated the chrome. I said, not likely looks like bad chrome from the factory that was missed, or an impact.

Since an impact would have done more damage, it was bad chrome from the factory. The dealer replaced no further questions asked then stated its the second car they have seen with this issue (a different door). I was just pissed with their lame excuse when I was not even concerned about the how....just the repair.
Just a bump to this thread to say that about a month or so ago I noticed a bubble as well on my upper grill area in front of the hood. I just took it to the dealer today and by now there was two bubbles. They happened to have the part in stock so it's sorted and I'll pick it up tonight. All the other chrome bits seem to be fine.

2018 Accord Sport 1.5 with ~3,500 miles on it purchased in Jan 2019.
My chrome on my 2018 just below the hood seems to be getting black spots. Just bought the car cpo but the dealer doesn't seem to be interested in replacing it.
The chrome on my new '19 bubbled up within 2 months of buying it. The dealer worked with me to replace it with the accessory grille at a significant discount, but not before checking for rock chips to try and deny me the warranty claim. After we worked it out the parts manager mentioned that they've been seeing this a lot on the newer cars. I'd say push back!

PS - he also mentioned that the original part number had been superseded, likely meaning there was a process change to address this problem.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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