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Bull Boost Performance Oil Catch Can

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I came across this oil catch can during a Google search for the 2.0T and was wondering if anyone has experience with it and the install? Sold on eBay only and no website of the company either.

eBay Link for 2018-2021 Accord 2.0T Baffled Oil Catch Can System Kit | Bull Boost Performance™

Sound sketchy?

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So I bit the bullet and just got it. Quick review:

Mounting is not vehicle specific. It is a universal mounting bracket is only held on by one of the firewall mount bolts (compared to 2 on the Mishimoto). I noticed today that due to the poor mounting, the bracket rattles against something: firewall, the black metal covering (idk what its called), or the AC line. Not sure as it happens when I initially press on the gas pedal.

Hoses are long and they do not feel like an upgrade. Moreso the same caliber as the OEM hose. I trimmed some down to size

Install is straight forward. They label the ends of each hose to where they should go. I also watched the Mishimoto YT install video just to be sure. I was pressed for time due to kiddos but I will have to clean up the hose placement.

I made an offer for $100 on Ebay and the seller accepted. I guess you get what you pay for.
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Thanks for reporting back and posting the pics! I'll be in the market for a Catch Can next month or two and I think I'll be sticking with Mishimoto.

Maybe you can spray some rubber rockerguard on the bracket to make the rattle go away.

Just ended up purchasing the Mishimoto Oil Catch Can.

Hopefully my review helps those whoever consider the Bull Boost version. I'm sure the mechanics of their catch can work but the install and fit are definitely not clean and may end up damaging the AC line from the rattle/contact it makes.
Thanks for the update! I'm definitely keeping the Mishimoto one in mind as my next purchase.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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