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Came from 19 Civic 1.5t Ex to 22 Accord Sport 2.0t

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New 59 yo Accord guy.
First I suppose I should post my "luck"

Bought my civic for 21998. Owned it for just under 3 years put 44500 miles on it. No problems at all including delusion issues. Absolutely zero problems.

Sold to carmax for $23700. No thats not a typo. I got 1700 over what I paid for the car.

The 22 Accord Sport 2.0t in Still Night Pearl was a ridiculous 38800 otd at 1.9 for 4 including a 8/120000 extended warranty and some dealer installed trinkets. Ill surely pay this off in under 2 years.

But because of the civic deal, the cost of the accord was arbitrary.
In reality, I drove the Civic for 3 year and it cost me nothing but the 1.9 interest and maintenance and paid 2/3s of the Accord.

Another "lucky" item ... I did what almost everyone has to do these days. Went to a dealership and basically bought a $500 spot on a spreadsheet. The 2.0t in blue is rare at least here in NC.

I continually looked at area dealerships for what I wanted. I found one this past Sunday and was ringing their phone at 8:55a.

He said it was on the lot and was a customers who backed out. I told him not to sell it and that I was on my way.

I bought the car. There was only about a week between selling the Civic to carmax and buying the new one.
Only thing that kind of sucks is I couldn't drive it home. No ride to the dealership. Took wifeys car to the purchase .. obviously can't drive 2 home.
Going this morning to pick it up.

Only question I have is how many of the 2.0ts are having the delusion issue. I did do research prior to purchase. Seems most are 1.5ts in very cold climates but I have found the occasional post from those living in the southeast also having the issues. Coincidentally no issues at all with my 1.5 Civic. Service on all my vehicles is impeccable.

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No issues with the 2.0T. Those were mostly CR-V's and the issue has been addressed on the 1.5T with a software patch.
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