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Charging Pad use with iPhone 13 plus

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I just purchased a 2022 Accord Hybrid Touring and am not able to use the charging pad consistently. Initially when I place the phone (IPhone 13 Pro) on the pad the light goes from green to amber but then it goes back to green. I took the phone out of the case but that doesn’t help.

Has anyone had this issue, if yes, is there a resolution?
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Same here with my 22 sport 2.0 inconsistent charging. I have a very thin case. Some people say put the phone in backwards, speaking facing the car.
I have a 18 Hybrid Touring and a iPhone Pro Max 12. I believe the issue is not with the car but the phone. Remember the iPhone 12 & 13 have magsafe charging and at least in my case do not wireless charge reliably. When I first bought my car I had a Samsung Note 9 and the car wireless charger worked well even with a case on the phone.
It’s a known issue that iPhone 12 and newer will not charge on the wireless charging pad. Honda will blame apple and apple will blame Honda .
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