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alert display indicated "charging system problem" ,,,
ok well.... whats wrong i wondered,,took to dealer ...expensive estimate to get into dashboard to trouble shoot...
so i just wired a cigarette lighter plug to a 15 volt DC meter and plugged into the cig lighter plug in the dashboard ..fixed...that told me a lot more information than the alert gave me
the meter reading would indicate what part was bad and how bad,,,any 0 to 15 voltmeter would work, if it read 12.5v +/- .3 v w/ engine running it was not charging , most likely alternator bad,,,if it read 14.4 v, +/- .2 v its properly charging
( which was my case) if it was over 14 .6 v. it was over charging ,,bad regulator.
small 1-2 inch meters easy to find,,voltage difference easy to see on meter with a couple practice readings, ( small needle reading but readable(if you want a larger and easier to read difference they make " expanded scale meters) .
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