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How are you everyone I'm new here 馃懚 my car is 2019 sport 2.0t 10 speed auto I bought it from Auction and ship it to my home country (Iraq) outside the U.S for some reason they removed all the ac refrigerant from the air conditioning system so I recharged it again , however the air conditioning guy charge it with 134a instead of the 1234yf. I noticed That the a/c system cold temperatures is not as I was expected since Honda air conditioning system is very good as they say it takes time to produce cold air also I feel the Cold air only when I direct the vents toward my face 馃槀 . So the problem is from the refrigerant type or The Honda's a/c system is bad ? , My car is new it has only 4000 miles and I checked the system with no Leak and The colision is from the back Oh yes it had an Incident !!!
Sorry about my long post and Many Thanks and appreciation to your patience 馃尮馃尫馃拹馃尮馃尯馃尭馃尲
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