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Ktuner stage 1 when vehicle warranty ends tops all of this. If you want to get a kick out of your car, mash the pedal down, roll the window down, yell "Speed...I AM SPEED!" whenever you feel like. These are all cheap and relatively safe. The list below adds to the placebo effect while you save for a faster car. These may also make you go slower too (Thank you ECU, TCM, heatsoak). Enjoy your car whatever you do, or don't do to it! YMMV. Go back to stock if you don't like it.

Here is a list. Feel free to contribute:
1. Custom Intake Adapter
2. Cone Air Filter
3. Intercooler Resonator Delete
4. One Muffler Delete - ULTRA CHEAP MODE - Unbolt one side for quieter drone effect
5. Throttle Controller - Cheap Pedal Commander. Alternatively, you can also mash your foot down faster
6. Higher than 87 Octane Gas - Your Mileage Will Definitely Vary. Major Butt Dyno Tingle Effect!
7. Weight Saving Mods - Less Taco Bell, Clean your car, etc
8. Tire/Wheel Mods - I personally wouldn't do it, but I imagine you could trade those 19" sport wheels with a civic owner with 16" ones for a performance boost.
9. Ktuner - while not 'cheap' in comparison to this list, it is the best bang for the buck mod that actually does something beyond a placebo effect. Like all the others, it is just a band-aid if you truly have the need for speed.

As I said before, enjoy your car.

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