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Has anyone here upgraded from a 10th gen Civic to a 10th gen Accord? What are your thoughts? I own a 2017 Civic EX-T. It's my 1st Honda. So far, I'm impressed, and plan on keeping this 3-5 more years. I'd like to get a mid cycle refresh Accord, later in the 10th generation.

My only regrets with the Civic are the color(black). I might be moving to a warmer climate and am considering white or another light color for my next car.

Test drove a 1.5L Touring a few days ago. The interior was more upscale, the seats more comfortable. I did miss that small car feel the Civic had, tight turn radius, and lightweight nimble feel. Also, the Civic seemed quicker, but I'm sure the 2.0 on the Accord would eliminate that. The Accord felt like it would be a better road trip car, and I love the styling.
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