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Clean Up a Few Items

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Just Cleaned and Ceramic Coated the Hubs as I didn't have what Tool I needed to get into that Area Before ..

Calipers etc. , I also Greased the Lugs & Rotor Surface seeing Bad Weather is here now .. Dark & Gloomy today so in Not so well Lit Garage ..
which is Partially My Fault as I just recently Installed - Thermal Curtains on Window ..& Insulated the Garage Doors to R12 from R4 - seems to be Holding Heat Better ..

I didn't get a Before Shot but the Hubs were Big Time Rusty Crap which will loosen and fall down into the Rotor Face or If Your in the Northern Area .
The Slushy Road Mess will mix with the Rust If You have No Grease on Rotor Hub Face ( Water will get in there ) ..

Not great Pic's do to Conditions Today ..

Also Installed : Stone & Flying Crap Guards ~ LOL had some left over Hardware . . I Believe the Two Clips are for those that Strip a Screw with to much Tq. on Driver .
The Front Guards will use the Two Bottom OE Screws , and Large Plastic Insert is Replacement If ,You Destroy 1 of the Back Guards Lower Support Insert - Removing it ..
Stone Guards aren't Hard to do - just don't get Confused about the Hardware - as there are No Instructions .. with Kit ..
I would Recommend 3/32 Drill Bit Be used so there isn't to Much Effort to Start or Possible Small Cracking of Bumper Material as the OE Hardware Screws Supplied
Are Not Cutter Screws or Self Tapping - just Pointed . . Drill makes it Faster , Safer , Cleaner .. there are Nice little Dimples already Laid Out where to Drill
Which Line Up with Guard Perfectly and Guards are Marked RR , RL , FR , FL etc. so very Easy - Removing Rear Tires may be Needed - Frt. Just Spin Steering Wheel ..:)


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Full Table Spoon of Junk - Going Round inside do to No Rotor Hat Grease or Hub Area - just Keeps Item from Freezing Up and Lame Mechanic Later -
Beating the **** Our of You Old Rotor - Like I have seem them do , Haaa , But Not on My Vehicles . . I Take a Hammer to Their Tool Box !

Slide Hammer Pulling away from Vehicle is another Story . .
OK Finishing Up - Gravel Guards :

Added some No See Me Protection : On Top of Painted Metal Area :
Higher R Up Grade to Garage Doors . .


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Bought some SickSpeed - Items

Will try to install those in Spot to - Improve Air Flow

Electric Super Horn - so Delete My Post - Mess with My Head - Your getting the Super Horn :plain:

Seems the Horns may be Blocking some Flow on the Intake side and Horn openings allowing Heat to Raise Up into Engine Bay during parking
( Heat Soak ) I also bought some Heat Reflective Wrap & Heat Stop Cloth . .
Added PSI to Rear Tire - Testing MPG

Been around 31.4 - 31.6 Mpg last 3-4 Tanks Fuel mostly just Running around the Area - no trips

Or Over 35 miles Journey's

I have been picking up some small Items , so when I do get time to Tinker : Tweak Thermal , Tweak Engine Info ,
Give It Shot in Correct Places ~


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