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Clutch switches, one or two?

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This weekend I am picking up a 2018 accord sport 2.0t MT.

It's replacing a 2015 sport MT, and one of the interesting things about the 2015 is that pushing the clutch pedal in does not disengage the cruise control. I've had the car since it had 24k miles on it, and at first I assumed it was happening because Honda's engineers finally got something cool past the safety nannies. However, at some point I had a reason to replace the clutch switch that engages when the pedal is depressed all the way (allows starter to engage) and I learned there were two switches, one to engage the starter, and one to disengage the cruise if thebpedal is depressed even slightly. I presume the cruise switch doesn't work in my car, and it's awesome.

Which brings me forward to my current question. It appears the 2018 accord MT only has one switch on the clutch. What functions does it control? Will I be able to somehow disable the cruise disengage function without disabling the starter safety function on the new car? If so, how?
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Owner of a 19 manual here. I did not know about the number of switches, but this is what I notice with the cruise control. Pressing the cluch would not disengage cruise control. The car has adaptive cruise control, so it will slow down by breaking by itself, thus allowing you to change to lower gear without stepping on the brake
Thanks KuRev! I think I'll like this car even more than I thought.
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