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CTR Oil Pump Gear

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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and the Accord (haven't even taken delivery yet) but I've been doing a little research. Now I watched Ballade Sports' video on the Type R LSD and noted that they said that they had to change out the oil pump gear to match the CTR 4.1FD, our being 3.9 and thusly they gears don't mesh.

Nowhere on this forum have I found any info on the oil pump gear, and I'm still searching the CTR forums. Does anyone know the P/N for the oil pump gear? I've tried searching cheaperhondaparts.com and I think I see the part in the diagram, but I can't find the corresponding P/N. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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CALL Ballade Sports
I actually ended up finding the number from a local Honda dealership. P/N is 21173-R08-000. CTR LSD is 41000-5DE-000.
But yes, I tried calling but they didn't seem to want to hand over the info.
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