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Custom seat covers

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So the color of the seats on my car are this cream color. Tried to get a different one with black seats but this was the only one they had. I put about two coats of Scotchgard on when I got the car but was still very worried about getting them dirty. Problem solved! Fit and quality is excellent but you get what you pay for. Faux leather.
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They are from Shear Comfort. They have tons of material types and color options. They took this color off the option list though. You can sort of tell from the pics they are a little off color wise there is a little too much brown in them. The pics from when I ordered them was almost a direct match to the trim panels. I think the dye lot came in like that. The color is close though so I did not return them.

No I don't really ever have anyone back there. I mostly keep the rear seatbacks down because I am always transporting stuff for work. Just a little Scotchgard on the sides that stick out. May do the whole rear seat but not a priority. I have Weather tech in the trunk. They do make rear covers as well though (sheer comfort).
Might not be worth it for you either for the price then to cover the rears. Scotchgard is cheap
I should also mention that you need to air them out overnight so you should open them up fully like a half day before installing them to get rid of the smell.
Yeah my parents had a set of sheeps here back in the day. Very comfy. If they were leather I would not have covered them
1 - 7 of 13 Posts
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