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I swapped to the OEM sport accessory grille at <1k miles and have had these parts sitting in my basement. Not looking to make money on them but not trying to lose any either, just the cost of shipping plus a few bucks to make it worth my time. Would be good for folks wanting try a vinyl wrap or have some spare parts.
These are the dark chrome from the Sport trim. Please note the chrome piece on the grille base is not included (nor shown) since mine was defective and the dealer credited me the cost of the part towards the accessory grille.
Located in southeastern MA near the RI border, and willing to meet up within a reasonable distance. If you’d like to inquire about shipping just let me know your zip, or I can give you dimensions and weight and you can provide a shipping label.
Full disclosure: I don’t use PayPal, but Venmo is an option. I have a 15 year history selling parts on other automotive forums and will be happy to point buyers to my seller feedback page with ratings and reviews.

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