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Dash protectant

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I didn't see this covered so thought I'd share what I found. After buying my car I wanted to protect the interior surfaces. I live in Austin, TX and it's hot here in the summer. Now I'm fortunate, I have covered parking at work and at home we garage our cars so it's not sitting out in the blazing sun all day. Still, I want those surfaces looking great 8 years from now.

After researching, I found this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00J8NKGSG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

303 UV Protectant. Works great. I'd initially used ArmourAll on my 2005 G35 dash, then was told a few years later that was a mistake, that ArmourAll would dry out the dash and lead to cracking down the road. And that's what happened. Sucked. I also wasn't a fan of the shiny finish.

This product has great reviews, especially from professional detailers. It's easy to apply and has a matte, low-shine finish which I love. I've just applied it so can't speak to its protection abilities but from the thousands of reviews out there, sounds like it does a stellar job of it.

Just passing it on.
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Thanks for the info... let us know if you remain satisfied in the future.

I'm reluctant to use anything on the dash because of the use of some products in the past that would leave a film on the windshield. When the car would get hot vapors would release from product(s) and leave a film on the windshield. I have my windows tinted to reduce the UV rays and to keep the car from getting extremely hot. I also use a WeatherTech SunShade to protect my dash from the UV rays and keep the car cooler. I picked this sunshade over some of the others out because it had an opening for the camera so it doesn't reflect/concentrate heat back on the camera (see attached).


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I'm gonna check out that sunshade.

Small sample size of time, just had it on a week, but it's been around 100 every day since I applied it, windshield is clean and pristine.

And with the matte finish, no reflection on the windshield, which I hated with other products.
That is 100% correct Spanish. 303 Protect-ant will do the job and Armor All is the worst product on this planet
I bought a dash cover from this place here by my house...Dashcare.com...I've bought from them in the past for every car I have owned as well as gifts for my family...they are well made...and are made to fit Perfect...For this Honda I bought the front dash and rear Covers...I get the Carpet material because it's the most durable...I will post pictures later
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