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DC Sports Exhaust

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Today I installed my DC Sports Exhaust on my 2.0T
Love the sound. Propped her up on stands and crawled underneath. Kind of a pain but pretty simple.
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Except exhaust on these cars show zero gains. Replacing the Downpipe you will get some HP gains an lil throatier sounding.

Exhaust on these X gens are just for sound and looks. Sound is debatable as the 2.0T doesn’t sound like K series of old.
Yeah. I do plan on a hi flow cat and prl front pipe later down the road. But my next install is a prl Intercooler and charge pipes.
done that install twice now. Take your time so you don’t have boost leaks. Charge pipes are only really needed if your cranking higher boost or a bigger turbo.
I’d do motor mounts and FMIC for the money to performance factor. Oh an Flex Fuel kit. Depends what you want.

If you want power you want a Downpipe, Flex Fuel Kit and FMIC.

I ran Phearable Stage 3 for almost a year on stock charge pipes on my 2019 2.0T. When I installed them I noticed zero difference just a tad more noise.

Think you really benefit from them is big turbo like the MHI Stage 2 or PRL P600.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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