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DC Sports Exhaust

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Today I installed my DC Sports Exhaust on my 2.0T
Love the sound. Propped her up on stands and crawled underneath. Kind of a pain but pretty simple.
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Except exhaust on these cars show zero gains. Replacing the Downpipe you will get some HP gains an lil throatier sounding.

Exhaust on these X gens are just for sound and looks. Sound is debatable as the 2.0T doesn’t sound like K series of old.
Replacing DP gets more than “some gains.”
Definitely has drone and louder than I expected. The video clips I researched don't really give you a great reference. That being said I do still like it. When getting a performance exhaust, you have to expect that. The car is factory set up for quiet and comfortable. Performance mods come at a cost.
Drone will stay. Sound will dampen.
Was thinking type r turbo or p600 down the line but that's far off my mind now. That exhaust drained my "fun" account lol
Get the MHI if you can get 93oct or are planing on running meth
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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