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Dealer drilled holes on new car

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Having a few issues with my new car. This is going to be a long one. Here we go... I was able to wash the car after a week of owning. Popped the trunk to wipe down edges and I notice water on the rubber mat. So I looked at the deck lid and there's a gap between decklid and spoiler. I'm sure that's where the water is coming through. Then I noticed that the license plate frame was slightly angled, a couple of the screws were also going in at an angle and not screwed in all the way. So I took off the frame to see what's going on. Come to find out, who ever installed the license plate frame thought he needed to drill holes, when there's clearly 4 plastic inserts where the screws go into. Now I'm pissed. There's more, I also noticed hood was misaligned as others have stated. I also found a few rust spots on the hood. I used a clay bar to try and get them off. Didn't work, I can feel it with my finger nail it was under the clear coat.

Took the car to dealer to have the issues looked at. The service manager is willing to fix the issues. But before that, he tells me the rust spots will come off with a clay bar. I had already told him I used a clay bar and it was under the clear. So he goes on to tell me that they have a special clay bar that they use. I agreed to let him try. When he brings the clay bar out, I could see it was a very used piece. I said, shouldn't you get a new piece? He tells me this is a good clay bar and it doesn't scratch the paint. So again, I agree to let him do it. Then he drops it on the ground! I told him you shouldn't be using a clay bar that's been dropped on the ground lol. We all know it's useless after that and should be thrown away. Then he starts going at it with the dirty ass clay bar. I tell him to stop, he said it will come right off watch... after scrubbing for a minute. The rust spots are still there. I said see, I already tried that. I look closer at the paint and can see a lot of scratch marks. I showed him how good of a job he has done. Now he is getting irritated that I'm being too knit picky. I said, I know this is not an expensive car, but it is NEW! I do understand new cars will have minor issues.

He agrees to take the car in and have all the issues taken care of. They keep the car for three days. Didn't even call me with an update as to what was going on. I'm not going to get into the customer service, because that's a whole different issue. When I pick up the car, it looked clean. He didn't even walk me out to car and show me what was all done. Just handed the keys and said have a good day. I inspect the car, and the whole car feels like there is a ton of over spray. Feels like a fine sand paper. Holes were taken care of with looks like the stuff you spray on walls to get that textured look. Look around more and the paint job/ repair looks to be really bad. You can see what looks like salt was mixed with the paint. Very rough and not shiny like a new car should be. The hood was still misaligned, I don't think they even looked at it. So I leave and call the corporate office and tell them the long story. They will be in contact with me this week. I'm not asking for a new car, I just want it fixed properly. I hope the picture will go through. Thanks for listening lol.


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Yeah the paint job looks like it was a DIY job, and I would definitely stay on them until your satisfied with the quality. With how low sales are of the Accord, you'd think they'd be willing to go the extra mile for new owners. Thanks for the pics and keep us updated on the situation. Good luck!
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