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debris chips on quarter panel

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I have noticed on my car the driver side quarter panel edge that meets the backseat door keeps getting chipped on the edge of it. I attached a pic to show you what I am talking about. Does anyone know if there is a way or how to deter this from happening?
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I dont think it is the kids but I may try what you just mentioned. I compared it to the quarter panel on the other side and it has nothing. I did notice the quarter panel on the affected side has a little lip like it isnt flush with the door. it sticks out by just a hair. You'd never know unless you had a paint chip there.
I'll check it out thanks. I don't really want mud flaps but thanks for sharing!
thanks lol. that looks like a good website to get oem parts.
which dr color chip package did you buy? also was it tedious to do, i am not an artist at all haha
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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